About Heidmar

Founded in 1984, Heidmar Inc. (Heidmar) is one of the world's leading commercial operators of handy, product, panamax, aframax, suezmax and VLCC tankers with a staff of about 60 people with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Our pools include:

  • Star Tankers Inc. (panamax/LR1)
  • Sigma Tankers Inc. (aframax/LR2)
  • Blue Fin Tankers Inc. (suezmax)
  • Seawolf Tankers Inc. (VLCC)

Offering around-the-clock service to customers on a worldwide basis, our main focus has always been and remains to provide safe, efficient transportation and high-quality service.  Many major oil companies and oil traders cover part of their transportation requirements under contract with Heidmar-controlled vessels.

For more information about Heidmar please go to www.heidmar.com

About eFleetWatch
An internally developed, web-based service of Heidmar Inc. (HEIDMAR), eFleetWatch® is a global voyage management system that provides real-time transportation information to our brokers, agents, oil majors, oil traders and our pool partners.
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